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About Anthology

Anthology is a collection of short adventure games by Lewis Denby, the co-creator of Richard & Alice and the producer of Sepulchre (The Charnel House Trilogy). Set in a faraway city on a single afternoon, a series of point-and-click vignettes unravels the story of this strangely familiar world, its sprawling capital, and the lives of those who dwell within it.

About the Team

Lewis Denby is a games designer and consultant from London, UK. He is the co-creator of Owl Cave’s critically acclaimed adventure game Richard & Alice. Subsequently he produced and developed Sepulchre, the middle third of The Charnel House Trilogy.

Lewis began his career as a video games journalist, writing for Eurogamer, PC Gamer, PC Zone, Rock Paper Shotgun and more. He has designed and produced a range of games both for clients and commercial release, and currently works as a video games consultant specialising in production and PR for independent game developers.

For Anthology, Lewis has teamed up with two fantastic artists and animators to bring the world and its citizens to life.

Khaled Makshoush is a pixel artist from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. He specialises in crafting gorgeous pixel art backdrops for a range of media. Anthology is his first video game.

Francisco Gonzales, a.k.a. Grundislav Games, is an artist, animator and developer based in New York, USA. He came to prominence with his adventure game series Ben Jordan: Paranormal Investigator, and later released A Golden Wake via Wadjet Eye Games. Alongside Anthology, he is currently working on 1920s detective adventure Lamplight City.

Anthology is a game by Lewis Denby (Richard & Alice, The Charnel House Trilogy), with help from the wonderful Khaled Makshoush and Francisco Gonzalez (Lamplight City, Ben Jordan: Paranormal Investigator).

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