A collection of short adventures

on a single afternoon

in a faraway city.

Anthology is a collection of short adventure games by Lewis Denby, the co-creator of Richard & Alice and the producer of Sepulchre (The Charnel House Trilogy).

Set in a faraway city on a single afternoon, a series of point-and-click vignettes unravels the story of this strangely familiar world, its sprawling capital, and the lives of those who dwell within it.

Designed, directed and developed by Lewis Denby.

Character art and animation by Francisco Gonzalez
(Lamplight City, A Golden Wake, Ben Jordan: Paranormal Investigator)

Environment art by Khaled Makshoush.

With music by the ever-generous Kevin MacLeod

Coming to PC in 2017.

Anthology is a game by Lewis Denby (Richard & Alice, The Charnel House Trilogy), with help from the wonderful Khaled Makshoush and Francisco Gonzalez (Lamplight City, Ben Jordan: Paranormal Investigator).

Copyright © Lewis Denby 2017. All rights reserved.